Epic is dead in modern age

During my post graduation years Once our teacher asked us why epics are not written in these days. And this was not a question asked but a task given. We were supposed to give deep thought to this and prepare an argument the following day. Though it was more of a literary question than a practical one yet our teacher preferred a technical answer rather a deeply brooded one. Maybe that’s the reason why my analysis did not fit his purpose.

My argument was that to write epics there is the need of hero and villain; one representing the good for the prosperity upon whom the fate of the nation depends and other representing the evil for the sake of making failure to the efforts of the hero. Each has the strong determination to achieve their goals. But modern man is hollow and full of ennui and agony and miasma as per Thomas Stearns Eliot. So in modern age epics are not written anymore. But this was not acceptable to my teacher. One of my friends answered that in today’s world man does not have the patience to read long narrated verses of a greater length. So epic is dead in modern age. Surprisingly this was accepted by the teacher. And he believed that nothing could be more perfect than this.

It wasn’t too much difficult for me to believe that I was absolutely right in my answer. Actually modern man is hollow… Even our teacher was…. that’s why he accepted the simple analysis and not the brooded one. This is the only explanation for the teacher not getting my point.


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