What you want to do!

Whenever someone asks what you want to do or what career you are going to opt then I actually have no answer to it. Because I’m never sure what I want. Later I realized that it’s because of the fact that there’s always a little bit of everything within us… such as actor and doctor and engineer and banker and many more. Take for instance when we come through a person who’s having diarrhea then we suggest him to go for ORS or Specific medicines or what food to take in.

We always see people imitating each other for fun. That’s what we call acting. To be an actor you don’t need to have plays or TV series or ads in your hands only. We all act in our very life. Remember Shakespeare’s quote “All the world’s a stage and all men are actors”! See this is the reason why Shakespeare even after his 400th death anniversary is called the greatest Playwright. Coming to the point of engineer then we really don’t need to look for a specific person. We always have a lot of people than we want who are engineers not even being engineers.

If that’s not enough then we can remind ourselves of various other jobs which we all do even not being professionals. And who wants to be a master where one can be jack of all things. We all know that expertise leads to narrowness. Isn’t it better to be an all-rounder instead? So next time when someone asks what is your aim in life? Tell them that my aim is to retain myself as I am. Well…you already are the everyone they wanted you to be. Isn’t it?


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