I am waiting for you

Love, the unrestrained feeling in the world,

The flea of emotions which everyone wants to hold.

Repository ocean for the imaginative rivers.

Accordant consequence for inter-dependent lovers.

Definition varies manifestation changes.

But the principal theory behind is eternal for ages.

Utterance for mute, rhythm for deaf

Pleasurable sight for blind and loser’s reap.

For somebody it may mean to get

But for me it only symbolizes to wait.

You are the one, of whom I always dream

You are never far; even in my worst grim.

Though till now I haven’t seen you

Love to stare your imaginative statue.

You are always with me, being also virtual,

Whether I am alone or with my closest pal.

To be persuaded I don’t give any stress

As I know, you’ll do more, not only a sweet address.

I never convince anyone whenever they get angry

As I keep all those ideas for your anger of all degree.

Hearing friends’ love stories, watching romantic series

I feel your presence by my side with immense ease.

I don’t know where you are and how you are

But I’m waiting for you because you are special.


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