The Tussle

Few days back I read an article in newspaper about nine tenths of mind being in constant struggle with the rest. After that little things here and there made me aware that it actually works. The one tenth of our mind is nothing but our plans and decisions and resolutions and every other thing we choose to follow in the nick of time. Despite being determined those choices never last for a long time as many other alternatives supplied by the nine-tenths come into the front and eventually replaces the original one only to plant the idea of the majority.

This tussle is common to every mortal being on Earth. It might be a little difficult to give in but just think of it on a larger scale. Replace the one-tenth of mind with THE SELF and the rest with THE SOCIETY. There it is. The picture is crystal clear. The self is the initiator… it wants to break the barriers and take the flight… it wants to follow the course of passion and dream. But the society is the obtuser who will always come with ideas and opinions of varying degrees and hence finally replace the courage and determination to chase the dream. Ultimately the self succumbs to the society.

So majority succeeds everywhere… Not just in Politics.


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