Bring back the doves. Bring back the post cards. Let the doves carry the messages once again. At least then you would not know that it’s delivered and seen yet not answered.


What the month of love means to me

     Month of love... Oo... February it is... that's why. So everywhere this love fever is on. Because it's the month of Valentine's Day Celebration. I was barely 13 when I got to know that something of this sort exists. One of my friends in school told me that he's meeting his girlfriend (... Continue Reading →


Dreams denied...achievements abducted...success shattered... truth thwarted... life languished...yet she survived

What is pain?

When insomnia overtakes you, is that pain? When tears often roll down from your eyes, is that pain? When you stare emptiness so hard that you forget to blink, is that pain? When your pillow becomes your stage of action, is that pain? When your blanket becomes your residing shell, is that pain? When there're... Continue Reading →


If only dream catchers could actually capture the dreams my room would have been a heaven for me.

Epic is dead in modern age

During my post graduation years Once our teacher asked us why epics are not written in these days. And this was not a question asked but a task given. We were supposed to give deep thought to this and prepare an argument the following day. Though it was more of a literary question than a... Continue Reading →

My Angel’s eyes

Though known only as her visionary organ. But as I justify God’s wonderful creation. Voluptuous ones forcing me look upon. Once noticed can not be withdrawn. Big ones with a colour of brown. For her enticing beauty not less than a crown. In which deep thoughts, inner feelings are shown. Which her lips can’t do... Continue Reading →

What you want to do!

Whenever someone asks what you want to do or what career you are going to opt then I actually have no answer to it. Because I'm never sure what I want. Later I realized that it's because of the fact that there's always a little bit of everything within us... such as actor and doctor... Continue Reading →


As far as the day I remember of my past Till date when I write this, Every moment is a memory. Inseparable part, invisible companion. People change, relationships break. Wheel of life, turns on new ways. Today, I am writing this. Tomorrow, it’ll also be in memories. I whenever make an attempt To portray these... Continue Reading →

The Smile Saviour

One day Mr. Bose was sitting on a bench in an abandoned park. He was staring to a yellow oleander tree. Beside him was seated a little girl whose eyes were also directed in the same way. Only her gaze was on another branch of the tree with withered leaves. She was not smiling. She... Continue Reading →

Either you never did or you still do

She searched for an affirmation in the deep recesses of her mind with the accompaniment of long gone memories. To her relaxation what she found was an echo of the voice of her heart. She exclaimed to herself that probably she is the first person in the history of lovers to ask for a confirmation... Continue Reading →

I am waiting for you

Love, the unrestrained feeling in the world, The flea of emotions which everyone wants to hold. Repository ocean for the imaginative rivers. Accordant consequence for inter-dependent lovers. Definition varies manifestation changes. But the principal theory behind is eternal for ages.

Being Alone

Inelegant life without companions Days, as dull as ditch-water. Nights, as silent as graveyard. Feelings tarnish like drowned rat.

Reasons why the Novel grew popular in the 18th century England

With the growth of commerce and industry, the prestige of the old feudal nobility was on the wane and the middle class was steadily increasing in social and political power. The middle class people were inclined to morality, sentiment and reality. The novel reflected the temperament of the middle class and hence became popular.

The Tussle

The one tenth of our mind is nothing but our plans and decisions and resolutions and every other thing we choose to follow in the nick of time. Despite being determined those choices never last for a long time as many other alternatives supplied by the nine-tenths come into the front and eventually replaces the original one only to plant the idea of the majority.


Who knows who gets the result of trust? Love, on a side while Mean society on the other. I’ll choose sorrow for myself To reconcile your world.

The No Response

I wanted him to stay there. I wanted him to look back. I wanted him to rush towards me. And hug me tightly to hold me in his warm embrace And never let me leave. But here was I thinking what I want And there was he leaving me far behind. It’s always the same;... Continue Reading →

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